Monstera Ginny, Trellised

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Monstera Ginny, Trellised
Monstera Ginny, Trellised

Monstera Ginny, Trellised

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Product Description

Baring a striking resemblance to its long-distance cousin, the Monstera Ginny is a unique plant originating in the jungles of Malaysia and Thailand. They may be mistaken for the Monstera deliciosa, but is a completely different species. If you are need a smaller footprint, the ‘mini’ Monstera is a great choice.

Product Details
  • Light – Bright, indirect sunlight
  • Water – Moist soil conditions  
  • Difficulty – Intermediate
  • Pet Friendly – Highly Toxic
Size Chart

Grow pot plant sizes: small [4” ], medium [6”], large [8”], extra-large [10”] – All these are diameter measurements

Corresponding pot measurements: small [5-6” pot], medium [7-8” pot], large [9-11” pot], extra large [11-13” pot]

Plant Care

BOTANICAL NAME: Rhaphidophora ‘tetrasperma’

COMMON NAME: Mini Monstera, Philodendron piccolo

ORIGIN: South East Asia

GOOD FOR: Intermediate plant parents

HEIGHT: Vines can get up to 12 feet tall.

LIGHT: Bright, filtered light. This is a plant that likes light and will produce smaller foliage if there is not enough light. Too much sun can burn the leaves. 

WINDOW PREFERENCE: East or west facing windows work best. 

WATER: During the spring and summer months keep the soil moist, but do not keep the roots wet. Wait until the top two inches of soil is dry and then water around the base of the plant until you see water draining from the bottom of the pot. At this point you can stop.

HUMIDITY: This plant likes some humidity. Keep on a pebble tray or use a humidifier. Plant collectors can group with other plants for some self-made humidity. These plants like a good misting every few days. Remember to always mist in the morning.

TEMPERATURE: Prefers to be between 55-85 degrees. Keep away from drafts and heat vents.

SOIL / REPOTTING: Needs well-draining, peat base soil. Adding perlite can also improve drainage. Pot in a deep container, as the roots prefer to have lots of rooms for development. When repotting, resize an inch or 2 bigger that the previous pot. Make sure to pot at the same depth is was previously.

PLANT FOOD: In spring and summer, feed once a month. We recommend using Joyful Dirt Houseplant Plant Food. Stop feeding in fall and winter due to slower growth and dormancy.

PRUNING: Pruning and training will be important to keep these plants at a manageable length indoors. When pruning to cut off excess growth or damaged material, do not remove more than 25%, or you risk damaging the plant. Providing a sturdy trellis, or solid stake will help provide support for the aerial roots that grow to help stabilize the vine.    

PESTS: Spider Mites are a likely infestation. 

TOXICITY: Due to calcium oxalate crystals, this plant is toxic. Keep away from children and pets!

ANGRY PLANT PROBLEMS: Leggy Growth – not enough light. Make sure to provide adequate light, small amounts of direct light may help. Turn regularly, so all sides have access to the light.  Too much water can lead to root rot.

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