Peace Lily

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Peace Lily
Peace Lily

Peace Lily

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Product Description

The Peace Lily is a striking plant with beautifully impressive dark green leaves and white flowers that bloom for weeks.  It's also a great beginner plant known for its tolerance to low light situations.  

Product Details
  • Light – Low to medium indirect sunlight
  • Water – Moist soil conditions  
  • Difficulty – Beginner
  • Pet Friendly – Mildly toxic
Size Chart

Grow pot plant sizes: small [4” ], medium [6”], large [8”], extra-large [10”] – All these are diameter measurements

Corresponding pot measurements: small [5-6” pot], medium [7-8” pot], large [9-11” pot], extra large [11-13” pot]

Plant Care

BOTANICAL NAME: Spathiphyllum


ORIGIN: Unknown

GOOD FOR: Beginner plant parents

HEIGHT: 12”- 6 ft tall depending on the cultivar

LIGHT: Low to medium indirect light. Too much sun will cause the dark vibrant leaf color to fade. Too little sun will not allow the beautiful white flowers to grow.

WINDOW PREFERENCE: East facing window is ideal, as it will be exposed to the morning sun, but will avoid the intensity of the mid-day rays.

WATER: Prefers moist soil, but be careful not to overwater. Wait until the top two inches of soil is dry, then water around the base of the plant until you see water draining from the bottom of the pot. At this point you can stop.

HUMIDITY: This plant loves humidity.  Keep on a pebble tray or use a humidifier. If you’re a plant collector, you can also group it together with a few other plants for some self-made humidity. These plants like a good misting every few days. When misting, always remember to do so in the morning.

TEMPERATURE: Like warm conditions prefer temps to be above 65 degrees. Keep away from drafts and heat vents.

SOIL / REPOTTING: Well aerated soil, that contains plenty of peat or other organic material. Prefers to be root bound, so only repot one size up, once the roots have filled the existing container. 

PLANT FOOD: Feed once a month in the spring and summer growing season. We recommend using Joyful Dirt Houseplant Plant Food. Stop feeding in fall and winter due to slower growth and dormancy.

PRUNING: Once the flower fades or begins to turn black, prune the flower and its stem to the soil line. This will encourage new flower growth.  

PESTS: Mealybugs and scale 

TOXICITY: Mild toxicity can cause problems for children and pets.

ANGRY PLANT PROBLEMS: Brown leaf tips or edges - a symptom of either too little or too much water. Make sure you allow the excess salt buildup in the soil to drain from the pot. Since they prefer a humid environment, bacterial and fungal diseases may be a problem. Make sure to keep the leaves dry, provide good air circulation and avoid overly wet soil. Your plant doesn't produce flowers - make sure it is receiving enough light and water.  Yellowing leaves - too little light or over watering.

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