Dracaena Lemon Lime - Potted in Large Julie Bergs Pot

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Dracaena Lemon Lime - Potted in Large Julie Bergs Pot
Dracaena Lemon Lime - Potted in Large Julie Bergs Pot

Dracaena Lemon Lime - Potted in Large Julie Bergs Pot

Regular price $80.00
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Product Description

This potted version of the Dracaena Lemon Lime  is the perfect option to bring home if you want a quick and simple plant addition. The Lemon Lime differs itself from its close cousins Warneckii and Janet Craig by showcasing its neon yellow and green striped leaves. Leaves arranged in a rosette and grown off a thick stem, the Lemon Lime can grow to a height of 10 feet indoors. 

This plant comes in a beautiful Bergs Potter Helena pot, size Large.

Product Details
  • Light – Medium to bright, indirect light 
  • Water – Prefers drier conditions  
  • Difficulty – Beginners
  • Pet Friendly – Moderately toxic if ingested
Size Chart

Grow pot plant sizes: small [4” ], medium [6”], large [8”], extra-large [10”] – All these are diameter measurements

Corresponding pot measurements: small [5-6” pot], medium [7-8” pot], large [9-11” pot], extra large [11-13” pot]

Plant Care

BOTANICAL NAME: Dracaena deremensis 

COMMON NAME: Dragon Blood Tree, Dragon Tree, Lemon Lime

ORIGIN: Tropical Africa, Southern Asia, and Australia 

GOOD FOR: Beginner plant parents

HEIGHT: 10’ tall 

LIGHT: Medium to bright, indirect light. Because of the bright coloration in the leaves, this variety needs a little more light than other dracaenas. Too little light will cause slow growth, less variegation and smaller leaves. Too much direct sun may burn leaves.  

WINDOW PREFERENCE: East and west windows work best.

WATER: Water thoroughly once the top 2 inches of soil is dry. Water around the base of the plant until you see water draining from the bottom of the pot. At this point, you can stop.  In lower light conditions, or in the winter months, you can wait for the soil to dry out completely before watering again.  

HUMIDITY: No special needs  

TEMPERATURE: Prefers to be above 65 degrees. Keep away from drafts and heat vents.

SOIL / REPOTTING: Needs a loose, well-draining, aerated soil. Prefers to be root bound. Repot every two years into a pot that is one size larger. 

PLANT FOOD: Feed 1 – 2 times per year in the spring and summer growing season. We recommend using Joyful Dirt Houseplant Plant Food. Stop feeding in fall and winter due to slower growth and dormancy.

PRUNING: Prune away any yellow or dead leaves. Trim brown or yellow leaf tips with clean sharp scissors.   

PESTS: Keeping leaves clean and dust free will help prevent pest infestations. Spider mites and mealybugs are possible infestations.

TOXICITY: Can be slightly toxic to dogs and cats if ingested.  

ANGRY PLANT PROBLEMS: Dark brown tips - You may be overfeeding, or your soil has accumulated excess salt, which will need to be flushed out. Ensure you’re allowing your plant to adequately drain when watering.  Muddy brown leaf tips on new growth - your plant is being overwatered. Yellow leaf spots – Your plant is thirsty. Not enough water.   

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