Lavender Scallops, Succulent

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Lavender Scallops, Succulent
Lavender Scallops, Succulent

Lavender Scallops, Succulent

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Product Description

This shrubby, flowering succulent uses its non-flowering stems to take root wherever they lay on the ground. It is a fascinatingly beautiful succulent option belonging to the Crassulaceae family and native to Madagascar.

Product Details
  • Light – Bright light
  • Water – Water when 50% of soil is dry  
  • Difficulty – Beginners
  • Pet Friendly – Toxic
Size Chart

Grow pot plant sizes: small [4” ], medium [6”], large [8”], extra-large [10”] – All these are diameter measurements

Corresponding pot measurements: small [5-6” pot], medium [7-8” pot], large [9-11” pot], extra large [11-13” pot]

Plant Care

BOTANICAL NAME: Bryophyllum fedtschenkoi

COMMON NAME: Lavender scallops, Kalanchoe stonecrop, South American air plant, Gray sedum, Variegated Lavender Scallops.

ORIGIN: Madagascar

GOOD FOR: Beginner plant parents

HEIGHT: Up to 2 feet

LIGHT: Full sun and near a south or west facing window if grown indoors.

WINDOW PREFERENCE: Full sun and near a south or west facing window if grown indoors.

WATER: Plants are very drought tolerant so water infrequently when the soil has dried out completely. Wait to water until the leaves begin to shrivel. As a houseplant, one can choose to bottom water the plant by having the pot sit in 2 inches of water and let the soil soak up the water until the top becomes moist. Do not let the roots sit in water, longer than it takes to moisten the soil mixture.

HUMIDITY: Regular household humidity

TEMPERATURE: They can tolerate temperatures below freezing for a small period of time, but if the temps regularly drop lower than 25 degrees, they need to be grown as a houseplant. Keep away from drafts and heat vents.

SOIL / REPOTTING: Well-draining, porous potting soil mix. You can also add 1-part coarse sand or perlite to a commercial soil mixture to allow for sufficient drainage.   

PLANT FOOD: In spring and summer, feed once a month. We recommend using Joyful Dirt Succulent Plant Food. Stop feeding in fall and winter due to slower growth and dormancy.

PRUNING: Being such a small plant, it rarely requires pruning, but trim off the dead flowers and leaves as they occur.

PESTS: Mealybugs and scale,

TOXICITY: Toxic to cats and dogs.

ANGRY PLANT PROBLEMS: Too much water can cause root rot.

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