Pothos ‘Silver Satin’

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Pothos ‘Silver Satin’
Pothos ‘Silver Satin’

Pothos ‘Silver Satin’

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Product Description

The Silver Satin is a close cousin to the ever popular Pothos. Its distinguishing feature is the silver variegation of its velvety foliage. The silver-grey painted leaves will grow rather long tendrils, and likes its cousin, is still one of the easiest houseplants to care for. 

Product Details
  • Light – Bright, indirect light
  • Water – Water thoroughly once the top two inches of soil become dry.
  • Difficulty – Beginners
  • Pet Friendly – Toxic if ingested
Size Chart

Grow pot plant sizes: small [4” ], medium [6”], large [8”], extra-large [10”] – All these are diameter measurements

Corresponding pot measurements: small [5-6” pot], medium [7-8” pot], large [9-11” pot], extra large [11-13” pot]

Plant Care

BOTANICAL NAME: Scindapsus pictus

COMMON NAME: Satin pothos, Silk Pothos, Silver Pothos, Silver Philodendron

ORIGIN: Native to the jungles of Malaysia and Southeast Asia

GOOD FOR: Beginner plant parents

HEIGHT: Vines can grow up to 10’ tall

LIGHT: Bright, indirect light. The variegated leaves will be susceptible to too much direct, and can easily get burned. 

WINDOW PREFERENCE: East facing, sunny window is preferred. The afternoon sun may be too strong in South and West facing windows, unless diffused. 

WATER: Wait until the top two inches of soil is dry and then water around the base of the plant until you see water draining from the bottom of the pot. At this point you can stop. Use room temperature water.

HUMIDITY: Basic household humidity

TEMPERATURE: Prefers temperatures above 60 degrees.

SOIL / REPOTTING: Well aerated, quick draining soil. Pothos like to be root bound in smaller containers. As soon as the roots have filled its current pot, increase one size.

PLANT FOOD: Feed every 2 weeks in the spring and summer, during active growth. We recommend using Joyful Dirt Houseplant Plant Food. Feed monthly in the fall and winter, when growing has slowed.

PRUNING: Trim long runners regularly to keep your Pothos looking bushy. Staking will help your Pothos grown in a vertical direction. Trim away any brown or dead leaves.

PESTS: Pothos are relatively pest free. If the soil remains too damp, fungus gnats may appear.

TOXICITY: Toxic if ingested

ANGRY PLANT PROBLEMS: Little growth – May indicate your plant needs more water. Yellow leaves – This can indicate many possible issues. Overwatering, underwatering, too much sunshine, over-fertilization, or root rot. Something is certainly wrong, but you may need to do some experimentation to find the cause.

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